Glass (An Old FREE-VERSE Poem)

*I wrote this a few years ago and it’s pretty bad but it still means a lot to me so I thought I’d share ^-^*

It was an average January morning, a Monday even.

Seemingly so normal. So mundane. Nothing special. Same as any day before.

And the girl was the same, too.

Nothing had happened overnight. Nothing had changed her.

But somehow she was different

And so was the morning.

She was here today, not lost in some fantastic world of her creation

Not talking to fabricated friends and fiends of her design; a rarity.

She was here. Not lost. And so was the morning. No longer an average morning

For she looked at all it had to offer with wonder in her eyes

Scenarios flitting back and forth within her mind

Scenarios changing all she saw, all she felt, all she could perceive.

With one thought the morning morphed into a computer generation;

nothing but a 64 bit game

And with another that morning shattered and became a movie

But what she really wanted was for it to be a painting

But the feeling that came with that was the hardest to obtain of all

No matter how hard she tried it never came

Annoyed and disillusioned she glanced at the ground

And at her feet lay puddles of ice

So flat and pristine, they appeared to be sheets of glass.

But the girl took it further, and they became windows.

After a moment or two they became two way mirrors.

But these weren’t average two way mirrors, just like her and just like the morning.

Something lived behind them, another world.

The pavement below was simply what its inhabitance wanted her to see

Now to get the feeling of the world bending around you,

To understand its being a videogame or film or painting,

You have to learn to believe it

And she found this idea so fascinating she decided to believe it too

She stood in silence before, finally, she waved slowly at the glass shards at her feet

And continued on her way

Making the average morning, the average world, so much more.


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