Escape (Main Story Part One [A New Home Revised])

Silence choked the landscape: a harbored of death. It stood as tall as the gnarled, black trees and as still as the impenetrable canopy of dark green leaves adorning them. That forest was the home of evil and the executioner of rationality. Wickedness reigned as safety subsided. The sun was banished and gave way to the unknown horrors of the dark. But above all, that forest was uncannily silent. Deathly so.

And Silence’s spell was hardly broken as its seemingly sole visitor shuffled over the crumpled, dead leaves of its intimidating dwelling. Black boots moved hesitantly through the brush as if being pulled back by creatures hidden in the shadows. Pale hands were balled up and pressed against a grey clad chest to calm a thrashing heart. Chapped lips trembled and bled as slightly crooked, off white teeth clamped down, unwittingly puncturing and rubbing the parched skin raw. Teal eyes flitted from branch to branch in a constant frenzy. Tiny jingles from a little bell tied around an emaciated, throbbing neck rang like a knell through the lifeless air.

All that was left to wonder was simple: was Silence amused by this visitor in some sick, sadistic sense? Or was Silence maddened with their presence? Was this visitor welcome? Or were they nothing but a trespasser? It was impossible for this guest to tell which of these questions had a positive answer; the noises from their host’s floors were made unnerving from the lack of audile distraction, and Silence constantly loomed over its guest, eying their young form intently.

Regardless, the adolescent pressed on. The further they got, however, the slower the boots moved, the more firmly the hands pressed, the harder the heart thrashed, the more violently the lips trembled, the more incessantly the eyes flitted, the louder the bell rang. To the wanderer, the air was not lifeless. Every ounce of foliage hid a hideous beast prepared to pounce upon them, and each leaf covered another inch of some demon lying in wait for their black boots to fall upon. The only thing that came to brake this wretched cycle was a sheet of light behind a hill of trees.

The guest of the forest only saw said light after scaling the mound. They made it up most of the way remarkably steady, but after hearing what they could have sworn was a whisper – a human whisper – right beside their ear, a jolt of adrenaline sent them scrambling for the top. Their foot caught on a mangled root, so their first glimpse of freedom took place as they were positioned on their stomach. But instead of springing to their feet and darting for the exit, the nomad half rolled over and half shoved themselves back against the enormous root. They sat there for another moment longer, staring up at the tree line. Their adrenaline was high as ever, but for some reason, they didn’t get up. They just sat and dumbly stared. Until the whisper came back, that is. It passed right beside the adolescent’s  ear and the nomad could have sworn they felt someone’s hair brushing up against their face. It was then they bolted.

They ran for that light, their only savior, for what felt like ages. They ran so fast their lungs felt as though they were being ripped apart. Their legs ached, weighing them down. But adrenaline wouldn’t let them stop. Fear wouldn’t let them linger. The former visitor was now prey, and needed to escape. Finally, the child’s throbbing legs crossed over their captive’s threshold and carried the wanderer into a beautiful golden field, the gracious lady, Sky – now coated bright orange and adorned with pink and red hues – visible at last. It was here the nomad ran a few more steps before collapsing into an unimpressive heap upon the ground, panting and quivering. Then they closed their eyes and curled into a tiny ball. Because, yes, they were safe now, but something still felt heavy within them. So, it was here they lay, and it was here they wept, waiting for what was now lost to return.

*So Basically I decided I hated “A New Home” and this introduction to the story just feels right, so here it is! This story line is why I made a blog in the first place (and then life was like, ehhhhm sit the f down! but what-chyu gonna do ’bout that? ^-^’) and I can’t wait to introduce the other characters >w< also it’s like… I dunno… 9 o’clock at night after I lost the original file? So all of the above is subject to change ^-^’ Not in content, just in writing style.*


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